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Das Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg gehört zu den renommiertesten und wichtigsten Kurzfilmfestivals Europas. Seit 1986 werden im Festival jedes Jahr mehr als 400 Filme gezeigt. Das Festival agiert im Spannungsraum von Kino, Ausstellung, performativen Arbeiten, Konzerten und Diskurs. Das Programm des Kurzfilm Festival zeigt Filme, die laut und funkelnd, leise und poetisch, wild und besonnen auf die Welt reagieren. In ausgewählten Programmen zeigen wir so die Vielfalt des mutigen, experimentierfreudigen, künstlerischen Films. Filmemacher:innnen, Industrie und Publikum feiern gemeinsam die kurze Form.

I AM BECAUSE WE ARE The Hamburg Short Film Festival will take place from 1 June to 7 June. This year’s motto is I AM BECAUSE WE ARE, based on Ubuntu, South Africa’s philosophy of unity. I can only be, really be, when we all are. We, as a society, must ask ourselves the question of solidarity within the small and the big picture. Culture is one of the decisive motors that keeps us, as a society, together. The collective experience of something that is bigger than its individual constituents. The trailer for the 37th Short Film Festival was animated by the Hungarian artist Flóra Anna and it shines in bright colours and picks up the festival’s motto. More and more circles encounter each other, the flickering becomes a light, a shining beacon. Life goes on! This year will be digital and analogue, together, solidary and filled with the thrill of anticipation of things to come.

SHARED UTOPIAS The Contemporary Laboratory is the festival’s space for reflection and discussion, and in 2021, it throws a spotlight on three focal points: The Hamburg Positions are dedicated to cultural spaces and urban development. In film programmes and discussion groups, they ask what sort of structures and concepts are needed to create lasting and visionary places of public spirit. The curator Alex Moussa presents a selection of works from the contemporary African short film scene in Afrotopia – In the Present Sense. The focus is on characters and films who, intricately linked to African narrative traditions, create new ways of telling stories, develop utopias, question forms of solidarity and show spaces of possibilities unknown in Europe. We are creating a catalogue of gestures (for and according to Vilèm Flusser) in Gestimmtheiten – Das Kino und die Gesten (Attunement – Cinema and Gestures). Wipe, tip, shake – these three gesticulations alone, which we perform every day with our cell phones, show how our stock of gestures is constantly evolving. The Open Space, the festival’s exhibition format, will present Akram Zaatari’s installation Dance to the End of Love. The performative works of this contemporary artist, curator and archivist from Lebanon encourage their viewers to keep going on. Let’s dance!

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